Taquile + Llachon & Uros: The Titicaca Uncovered Tour

The tour starts with the visit of Taquile island then Llachon a beautiful place the highlight on this excursion; local people welcome you with the typical Pachamanca. On the return stop off on Uros islands the one far away modern civilization.


  • Duration: 9.5 hours
  • Distance: 99 kilometers round trip.
  • Pick up from hotels to Puno Port
  • First visit of Taquile Island
  • Pachamanca traditional lunch at Santa Maria, Llachon
  • Visit of a less touristy Uros Ccapi Island
  • Back to Puno/Hotels


At 7:00 am you will be picked up from your hotel and transferred to the main port of Puno. You then immediately depart on the shared speedboat "Titicaca Express", with comfortable seats, panoramic windows, and more importantly on board service.

After 1 hour 15 minutes we arrive to Taquile Island, to the less touristy and more scenic area of the Island. You will be able to enjoy a sandy beach there with plenty of time to relax and feel the serenity of the Lake Titicaca. Then start hiking through a pre-Inca stone-ground trail with breathtaking landscapes, visiting families of weavers to learn about their textile art and symbolism that has been declared by UNESCO as world heritage.

By 11:30 am we leave the Taquile Island for the community of Santa Maria at Llachon, located on the tip of Peninsula of Capachica.

At 11:55 am we are welcomed by a small group of locals at Llachon and quickly you are part of cross cultural experiences, share their traditions and participate in an ancient ceremony to learn about their ancient way of life. The preparation of "Pachamanca" or “Food of the Mother Earth” is a traditional way of cooking meat, fish and potatoes using underground ovens – it’s one of the main Andean legacies. Enjoy these delicacies in a small, but very scenic, local tourist restaurant. For the more adventurous, kayak tour along the coast of Llachon is a good option to have on mind.

Thereafter, at 1:50 pm we depart from Santa Maria to Uros Ccapi.

At 2:25 pm you arrive to Uros Ccapi Island, a remote area of the National Reserve of Lake Titicaca, these are considered as the last authentic floating islands, less commercial and little visited. Your guide will introduce you to all about the Uros life, discover why are said to be descendants of one of the oldest cultures in South America. Optional tours in reed boats are offered by themselves.

The “Titicaca Express” speedboat departs back to Puno at 15:25 pm.

And finally at4:30 pm is the arrival in Puno and transfer to downtown hotels.