2-Day:  Group Tour of Uros, Amantani and Taquile Islands

The added experience on this tour is the homestay on Amantani Island plus the visit of Uros and Taquile islands. Local islanders of Amantani will share with you their ancient traditions.


Day 1:

  • Go first to Uros islands.
  • Visit inside their reed houses, buy souvenirs.
  • Extra trip on top of reed boats.
  • Take the boat to go Amantani Island.
  • Upon arrival have lunch, free afternoon.
  • Trek to the Temple of Pachatata.
  • Return to homes for dinner and later welcome party.

Day 2:

  • Early breakfast then 1 hour sailing to Taquile.
  • Hike to top part of the Island.
  • Lunch in a traditional restaurant.
  • Explanation about their fine textiles.
  • Go down by rock steps to port.
  • Return to Puno, upon arrival you’re transferred to hotel.


Day 1: This tour begins at 7:45 am with pickup from your hotel in downtown Puno, a quick transfer to bay of Puno while a motor boat waits for us. This day will be a unique local living experience with islanders of Amantani. But first we’re visiting the reed island made entirely from reed grown in the lake, which provides home, sustenance and transportations for their residents: the Uros tribe, one which pre-dates Incan civilization. There are more than fifty islands and the surface of the islands is uneven, thin, and some liken walking on it to walking on a waterbed. From the first reed island go next by reed boat.

Amantani is located about 3 hours from Uros, here at the port local families are waiting for us, taking us to their homes. After lunch in home free afternoon for walking around then walk up to the Temple of Pachatata (--> Link que lleva a Mystical Experiences) which is on the top of Amantani island, escorted guide. In the return to your local home have dinner. At 8:00 pm in local community house there´s a welcoming party for the entire group (optional) in the party everyone is dressed with local typical clothes.

Day 2: This day is for visiting Taquile, in the morning after breakfast we’ll walk down the port and take boat to go Taquile the last island on our trip, located one hour of Amantani. Textile museum is on main small plaza and 40 minutes-walk up there seeing a local church, its municipality all with amazing sight around island. Taquilean islanders are always wearing traditional clothes, men weaving their own since they are 5-years old keeping ancient traditions. Lunch in a traditional local restaurant surrounded by its beautiful landscapes, farming terraces, the very well-known arches. Visit local restaurant, for lunch. Set menu is a Quinoa soup, Trout Grill companied rise, fried potatoes and Coca or Muña Te, and all products are grown by them. Taquile is very well known by their textile and that´s why you´ll have an extra explanation of the guide about it. Return is through 520 steps down main port of the island. Boat take us back straight Puno getting at 4:00 pm and drop off by hotels. Are you adventurous? So why you don’t consider to do kayaking to Uros(link que lleva a Uros Kayak + Amantani Homestay) then join this group tour? This could be greater than any other conventional group tour.