Kayaking at Sillustani Funeral Towers on Umayo Lagoon

Looking for a peaceful kayak paddling guided tour in Puno? Look no further! You found it!

Andean Ways has a guided Kayaking tour on Umayo Lagoon that lets you paddle in the nearby of Sillustani archaeological site.

You had not kayaked before? Do not worry! Your guide instructor gives you the lesson and in all reality, not really much to kayaking (at least in these waters).


  • The Kayak Tour is good one, taking about 3 hours, with plenty of good Inca lookout ruins to visit around.
  • Great way to get/stay physically active and enjoy a different perspective of the place.
  • 45 minutes driving from your downtown Puno hotel to Kayak dock at Sillustani.
  • At Kayak point departure your guide provides basic instructions.
  • Go paddling on the waters of Umayo Lagoon part of Lake Titicaca.
  • Guide explanations about wildlife, history, Funeral Towers buildings.
  • Free time for pictures.
  • Back to hotels by the same way.

 Detailed Itinerary

This particular Llama Kayaks Adventure begins at 8:00 am, with pick-up from your Puno hotel to Sillustani Kayak dock. You will want to be on the water quickly for having a great time enjoying the natural habitat.

Your knowledgeable and passionate guide talks to you about elemental Kayak paddling instructions, paddling techniques and more.

Now, you can begin kayaking around part of Umayo Island, 2 hours kayaking sounds like a lot, but it is really just perfect to visit this one particular place. This exciting kayak adventure drives you through unique landscapes; Inca towers will be seen from this lagoon.

After a time kayaking you step on ground. Your first impression “how the Inca would have built these astonishing Towers? and more importantly, what for?” Your guide leads you and takes his time to explain everything related to Incan Burial Towers. Surrounded by beautiful landscape walking around for getting great pictures will be worth it! Take your time!

Finally, get back to initial point by Kayaks. Get transferred to your hotels around 12.30 hrs.