The Titicaca Local Living is the reason to escape from the noisy crowded Modern Civilization!

Titicaca Homestay? What Titicaca Homestay is all about?

The Titicaca Homestay outside from your home serve up some of the most out-there experiences you could find. These trips offer you the best kind of culture shock, dropping you deep inside a destination in order to see how people in the world’s remote regions really live.

Why do it with Andean Ways?

All our Titicaca Homestay includes Kayak Activity

You decide when to depart and how long stay with the host family.

On this Local Living Experiences you will learn some daily Quechua or Aymara phrases what others will never do it.

Culture is best when it’s immersive, and with Titicaca Homestay, you’ll always be up to your neck in it.