Amantani Island Homestay

This special tour gives you the opportunity to decide how many days stay on the Island and more importantly you pay the Host Family in person. Totally worth it!


  • Pick up from your downtown hotel to Puno port.
  • Motor boat transport from Puno to Uros then to Amantani.
  • Upon arrival at Amantani be welcomed by the families and have lunch.
  • Your guide will provide all the information of the place.
  • Spend the night in one the local warm house.
  • Next day on the way back to Puno you visit Taquile Island for 3 hours.
  • In the late afternoon drop off by hotels.

Detailed Itinerary

Many ways to reach this particular home on Amantani but you join the 2-Day Group Guided Tour of Uros, Amantani and Taquile by regular motor boat. Upon arrival on Amantani Island the family comes down for you and takes you to their home. Have lunch with them in their small adobe home. Toilet is basic. Your host family also provides all meals, made with locally available foodstuffs such as potatoes, quinoa, eggs and perhaps lake trout.

In the afternoon take your time to visit one of the two mountains on Amantani Island. Pachatata (Father Earth) or Pachamama (Mother Earth) terraced with beautiful farms, which you can climb slowly enjoying its scenic beauty. Get explained about this pre-Columbian temples top both peaks which are still used on traditional feast days.

As on Taquile, Amantani islanders knit and weave the region’s colorful textiles, which are offered for sale around the island. In the evening, after dinner, for the welcome party your host family will typically dress you in traditional clothing for a nightly dance, accompanied by a local band.

The next day, after an early breakfast head over Taquile Island one hour boat ride. A zigzagging road drives you to the main town square of Taquile. Here, visit the handicraft shopping, enjoy the great views of the Lake. After this free time you will enjoy a typical tasty lunch at a local tourist restaurant. Then head back to Puno.