Llachon Homestay + Kayaking

Llachon is such a beautiful place with spectacular views to the Lake Titicaca adding a Local Living Experience is much better; just imagine the Sun rise next day!


  • Pick up from your downtown hotel to Puno port.
  • Motor boat transport from Puno to Llachon.
  • Upon arrival at Llachon have lunch.
  • Your guide will provide basic Kayak instructions and Kayak paddling begins.
  • Spend the night in one the local warm house.
  • Next day on the way back to Puno you visit reed islands of the Uros people.
  • Learn about Uros way of life, history, island making.
  • Free time for riding traditional reed boat (optional).
  • In the late afternoon back to hotel.

Detailed Itinerary

This home staying tour starts at 9:00 am. Transfer from your Puno hotel to main port then head to Peninsula of Capachica for meeting your host family host plus kayak activity.

On arrival at Llachon you walk up toward your host family’s house for lunch.  The rest of the day is for kayak paddling activity. You and your private guide kayak for around 3 hours while you enjoy local farming, fishing scenes along the side. Dinner is in the late afternoon. Spend the night under high plateau sky in a warm Quechua family.

Next day you’re on the way back to Puno, naturally after breakfast, visit to one of the ancestral Uros islands. Learn their origin, history, and how the islands are built. Free time to visit inside their reed typical houses, shopping souvenirs, get dressed traditional cloths for pictures. Tour ends with a ride on ancient reed man made boat (optional, offered by Uros people).  Drop off by hotels upon arrival.