The Titicaca Mystical Experiences is the way back to Home!

Mystical Experiences? What Mystical Experiences is all about?

In the Altiplano, the high Titicaca Peruvian South Andes, the ancient way of relating to and reconnecting ourselves to nature, it’s an Incan legacy still kept for us too. On this tour we would like to share it, the importance of expressing gratitude to the Creator and to all the essential components of all life Earth, Fire, Air and Water within the Universe. All these natural principles are embodied in the Despacho ceremony at Aramu Muru or other sacred places.

Why do it with Andean Ways?

Plenty of time for meditating at the Portal or whatever you desire.

On this Tour there’s chance to hike and visit local villagers living near the Portal.

Singing Bowls performance by far is something new to have on mind.