Pachamama Offering at Aramu Muru

Let’s experience the way our ancestors used to perform rituals to Pachamama te Mother Earth with Maximo Huaraka!


  • Private transport from hotel to Aramu Muru.
  • Time for hiking the Valley of the Spirits Stone Forest (optiional)
  • On arrival to Aramu Muru introduction to the Andean Cosmovision.
  • Learn more about the Despacho products.
  • Performance of the Ritual with Maximo Huaraka.
  • Time to stay at the Portal, or visit to local families.
  • On the way back to Puno, stop at Chucuito (Inca Uyo Temple of Fertility)
  • Be transferred to your hotel.

Detailed Itinerary

We’ll have an early departure to the ancient Aymara Altars or mystically called Aramu Muru Doorway located 1 hour 30 minutes driving away from Puno on the main road to Copacabana.

Upon arrival at the site, we will cross walking the sacred path of the Magical Pachamama (optional), a spectacular place in the world with unique sandstone rock formations in the shapes of lake birds, animals, Andean deities, human profiles and mysterious creatures locally named as Ahayu Marka or the “Valley of the Spirits”, towards the Energetic Doorway of Aramu Muru.

Thereafter, in front of the Portal of Aramu Muru a place of power, there it will be performed a ritual by an Andean Shaman’s descendant Maximo Huaraka. He will construct an offering bundle of gratitude or the Despacho, and then it will be dedicated or given to Pachamama (the Mother Earth), Qotamama (the Mother Lake), the sacred Apus (the God Mountains) for healing, manifestation of our deepest desires and for living harmoniously with the Nature.  But before closing the Despacho, you will place your intentions into a sacred coca leaf and pass it on to Maximo to add to the Despacho. Then finally it is burned or buried under the Earth or placed in a body of Water.

All this Andean mystical session takes approximately 2 hours then you, at this multi-dimensional and magnificent doorway, will spend some time here connecting to Aramu Muru’s amazing energy.

Return is in the afternoon by the same paved road to Puno, on the way back you may like to stop at Inca Uyo the “Temple of Fertility” to complete your Half-Day private mystical tour.

There are many different types of Despachos such as for Ayni (reciprocity), Healing, Gratitude, Manifestation, Marriages, Naming Ceremonies, Passing of a loved-one, Protection, Business, Success, etc.

If you found a reason for what you would like to have a Despacho for Pachamama let us know, we’ll prepare everything for you!