Singing Bowls Healing at Aramu Muru

Learn more about Chakra in our bodies. Singing Bowls help them to keep the balance.


  • Direct driving from hotel to Aramu Muru.
  • Hike the Valley of the Spirits the Stone Forest (optional)
  • On arrival to Aramu Muru Doorway learn more about this place.
  • Singing Bowls performance and healing.
  • Stay at the Portal, or visit to local families around.
  • On the way back to Puno, stop at Chucuito (Inca Uyo Temple of Fertility)
  • Return to your hotel after a special day.

Detailed Itinerary

This Mystical Singing Bowl tour departs to Aramu Muru Doorway from Puno at any time; just tell us what hour you’d like to leave. Your private transport reaches at the site in 1 hour 30 minutes taking the main road to Copacabana Bolivia.

On arrival we’ll hike the Magical Pachamama Path towards the Enigmatic Doorway of Aramu Muru (hiking could be optional for others). On this sandstone rock way we’ll appreciate many rock formations in the shapes of lake birds, animals, Andean deities, human profiles and mysterious creatures, locally named as Ahayu Marka or the “Valley of the Spirits”.

For finally get to the Multi-dimensional Doorway, a mystical Crystal Bowls performance will be the highlight on this tour due to Aramu Muru doorway emanates very strong energy that will help to inspire you into your own experience of sound and vibrational healing. As a private service staying at this site depends on how your healing experience is going, we take very seriously your comfort.

Thereafter, en route back to Puno visit the Inca Uyo “Temple of Fertility” at Chucuito town.