Amantani Homestay Tour

2 Day - Amantani Cultural Homestay Tour on Lake Titicaca Peru

During your trip to Puno you’ll do Amantani Island homestay and visit additionally the islands of Uros and Taquile with your personal friendly English speaking guide.

It’s all about immersing yourselves in another culture which will let you get a brief unique glimpse of the Andean way of life in the Peruvian High Plateau.

Things to do in Puno

Puno city is the jump-off point for booking and doing the best Lake Titicaca Tours to Uros, Amantani and Taquile islands (top destinations).

If you don’t want your Titicaca Peru Tour to be rushed on a standard day trip or on a short half-day excursion, here you’ll find and learn more about how exactly to reach to Amantani community lodging to experience what their day to day lives are like and have plenty of time to explore the other Aymara and Quechua speaking islands on Lake Titicaca 2 day Tour.

Private Tour Guide + Payment to the families in person

With so many Puno tour companies out there offering the very same Lake Titicaca 2 day tour, what would make you decide to book with us? What’s so special?

The answer is:

2-Day Amantani Tour itself doesn’t have the best reputation due many cases and stories about some of the Titicaca tour companies taking money for the entire tour but not paying the host families.

When local indigenous communities of Amantani are not paid for lodging and meals provided during the visit, just before tour boat leaves the Island, they have to travel long distances by water and land to ask to be paid by those local companies.

So, together we’ll be able to accomplish this goal: well treatment and payment to families.

The best way to ensure they receive their money is paying directly in person to the families.

So this way you’ll be supporting the local community.

You’ll feel you’re contributing to the Island’s development and benefit will be for both: travelers and locals.

Additionally you’ll have a personal English speaking guide for better encountering and immersing in Amantani culture.

Amantani community lodging and meal cost: