At Andean Ways you'll find the best Lake Titicaca Tours in Peru and Bolivia.

Join us in our exploration of Lake Titicaca and what we can experience from this wonderful adventures.

We operate and offer some other unique and off the beaten track tours in the Peruvian or Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca.

Customized and Quality Group Lake Titicaca Tours

We have selected among all the main Lake Titicaca Tourist attractions the ones that would fit perfectly with your idea of going to non-crowded places, where we cannot feel forced to buy souvenirs.

With different schedules, flexible and customized itineraries.

We want to show you and make you feel better the sense of authentic and amazing experiences while you're on Lake Titicaca.

Without further ado this is what you would live and experience if you book with us:

3 Best Uros Kayak + Lake Titicaca Tours in 2019

These are group kayak tours to Uros and then continuing by motor boat to Amantani or Taquile islands from Uros.

Our driver picks you up from your hotel in Puno city and then drives you to local port for embarking in the kayaks.

We are going to paddle to Uros Islands. One way kayaking and the rest of the tour is by boat.

Private or Shared Transfer from Puno to La Paz via Tiwanaku or Sun Island

We’re going to visit Tiwanaku archaeological site located in the Bolivian side of the Lake Titicaca with stops along the road to border Desaguadero (Temple of Fertility, Doorway of Aramu Muru and Pomata’s viewpoint).

It is ideal for people interested in ancient and hidden megalithic constructions and for people going to La Paz from Puno.

Aramu Muru Tour: 3 options to visit this enigmatic Portal

We have two options for these visits.

One is a ritual and gratitude performance to the Pachamama (the Mother Earth) at the Portal of Aramu Muru by an Andean shaman and the other is with singing bowls by Ernesto Aliaga.

But there is more like non-conventional “ancient astronaut” tour at Aramu Muru.

1 Day Lake Titicaca Kayak at Uros, Llachon, Taquile, Luquina or Sillustani

We’ve been so careful in choosing the best places off the beaten track for paddling on Lake Titicaca.

Enjoy and live together more of the unfrequented and hidden sceneries on this Full Day Kayak Trip Titicaca.

Puno Tours: Amantani Kayak + Isla Amantani Homestay Tour

A local family will host us in their home while we’re exploring Lake Titicaca unvisited for many days.

We’ll live together their traditions, Cosmovision, way of life and much more on this Multi Day Kayak Trip Titicaca!

Titicaca Travel: Uros + Taquile Speed Boat Tour

We’re going to visit in different schedule the most crowded attractions which will allow us to enjoy more without anyone than us.

We’re going to visit Sillustani, Taquile or Uros Islands when group tours have left or not yet arrived at the place.