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If you are here is because you’re looking for something different, you don’t want to be disturbed and forced to buy souvenirs. Here, you’ll find a wide range of Titicaca kayaks tours and adventures. Find top-rated places in Lake Titicaca to paddle with us out of the ordinary “Gringo Trail”. Book one of these unique adventures with itinerary flexibility. Paddling trips for beginners and advanced kayakers.

Uros Kayak + Lake Titicaca Tours

Small group (or private kayak tour) to Uros and then continue by motor boat to Amantani or to Taquile islands from Uros reed manmade Islands.

This is a list and detailed description of the most popular Uros kayaking and canoeing Tours on Lake Titicaca.

A shared boat transportation and a group English-Spanish tour guide is offered in order to save some money, low pricing  is guaranteed and accessible for all budged.

Now, feel free to read them.

Uros Kayak + Lake Titicaca Tours

Day Kayak Trip Lake Titicaca

Multi Day Kayak Trip Titicaca