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Aramu Muru Doorway Guided Tour

At Andean Ways, we are open minds giving to other possibilities.

Let’s discover the mysteries of different advanced civilizations out of our world.

We’ll share the main ideas of the well-known theorist such as Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods or the theories of Arthur Posnansky who is the first one in arguing that Tiwanaku culture dates back some 12 000 years ago.

Let’s discover what this is about.

Aramu Muru Stargate of Ancient Astronauts Features

  • DURATION OF TOUE: 6 hours
  • PLACES TO VISIT: Doorway of Aramu Muru, and Chucuito
  • HOTEL PICK-UP TIME: 8:00 am (or any hour)
  • DROP OFF BY HOTELS: 3:00 pm

Aramu Muru Stargate of Ancient Astronauts Schedule of Departure and Arrival Times

8:00 am Guide and driver pick you up from hotel and start driving to Aramu Muru.

9:20 am we’ll begin to hike the Valley of the Spirits the Stone Forest (optional)

10:20 am on arrival to Aramu Muru Doorway learn more theories about this place.

2:00 pm on the way back to Puno, stop at Chucuito (Inca Uyo Temple of Fertility, a megalithic structure)

3:00 pm arrival to your hotel after a debating day.

Aramu Muru Stargate of Ancient Astronauts Schedule Route & Detailed Itinerary

Aramu Muru Stargate of Ancient Austronauts Tour departs from Puno at any time; just tell us what hour you’d like to leave.

Your private transport reaches at the site in 1 hour 20 minutes taking the main road to Copacabana Bolivia.


On arrival we’ll hike the Magical Pachamama Path towards the Enigmatic Doorway of Aramu Muru (hiking could be optional for others).

On this sandstone rock way we’ll appreciate many rock formations in the shapes of lake birds, animals, Andean deities, human profiles and mysterious creatures, locally named as Ahayu Marka or the “Valley of the Spirits”.

These are pretty similar to Marka Wasi in the Central Andes.

Some figures are particularly intriguing.


We’ll know more about another “enigmatic place” like Marka Wasi also in Peru.

For finally get to the Multi-dimensional Doorway.

This customized service allows you to spend the time you need to appreciate the intriguing stone shapes.

Thereafter, en route back to Puno visit the Inca Uyo “Temple of Fertility” at Chucuito town.

What’s included (what we provide)

  • English speaking tour guide, big fan of Ancient Astronaut Theories.
  • Private round-trip transport, Van Hyundai H1.
  • Entrance fees to Aramu Muru/Chucuito “Inca Uyo”
  • Transfers from and to Puno hotel

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