US$ 65 per person (min 2 people)
US$ 89 for 1 person (private)

Authentic Uros Floating Islands Tour

If you are concerned about the supposedly fake and awful tourist Uros prison Islands on internet, so we invite you to join us to this incomparable experience that will leave you with a new perspective and genuine way to know the Uros ethnic.

How would it be?

We'll visit the Southern Uros area, less commercial, no crowded, almost no tourist at the place with magnificent Titicaca scenery and local birds. No one will force you to buy their handicraft  or souvenirs because instead we'll do local activities.

What we propose is to be part of the process of getting the reeds and muds for building the reed islands.

Tour Itinerary

8:45 am pick-up time from your hotel and transfer to port. Our driver Roberto/Isidro and the tour guide will come to your hotel in Puno city for the pick-up and quick transfer to Puno's main port.

9:00 am we start to navigate to Southern Uros reed Island by a motor boat for about 25 minutes, on the way your guide delivers some clue information about Lake Titicaca and the history of the pre-Columbian great civilizations.


9:30 am arrival to Uros Balsero, we'll visit Enrique's reed home. Here, just on arrival we are going to ride on the reed boat and Enrique is taking us to the bed of reeds where he teaches us how they cut the reeds and make their home with them meanwhile you guide translates the information.



Because while on the "touristy Uros" the guide explains everything and you, you are only a listener later forced to buy their fabrics and embroideries, but with us you have the chance to cut the reeds from the reed boat, we can even walk in the clear, shallow water to get the "kili" the main mud root of these aquatic vegetation for the construction of the floating Island, we'll be surrounded by a stunning landscape.


Enrique will later show us how they catch fish and we'll watch the local birds and learn more about them. Binoculars will be provided or you might bring one.


You'll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy this beautiful place. Believe us this remote place is peaceful in the vastness of the lake.

11:00 am It's time to head to the set of almost 100 reed islands by our motor boat, we will cross from South to North Uros area taking in sight the reed Islands.


In the Northern side of Uros reed Islands there are many lodges and we're going to visit this place for lunch overlooking the lake.

11:15 am Along the way we'll make a optional stop at the "commercial Capital" Island to get stamped on our passports the map of the lake for S/. 1 PEN or to buy some snacks.

12:00 pm we visit Aruma Uro lodge, Khantaty lodge, Summa Paqarina lodge, Aruntawi lodge, Qhantany lodge or any other that offer lunch with nice views to the lake. Lunch is based on trout and vegetable plus its hot drinks.


1:00 pm time to leave Uros lodge for Puno port.

1:30 pm arrival to Puno port and transfer to your hotel, bus terminal or anywhere in downtown.

What’s included (what we provide)

  • Group transfer from your Puno hotel to port.
  • Group boat to Southern Uros.
  • Reed boat ride and local activities of cutting reeds and fishing.
  • Entrance fees to Uros.
  • Lunch on Uros lodge.
  • English speaking guide.
  • Return to Puno and transfer back to Puno downtown.

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