The Adeventurous Team

Get to know about us “The Adventurous Team”. Here you’ll learn about the people we are involved on the tours you are about to enjoy.

Pablo, Tour guide at Copacabana, Bolivia.

Your day can turn easily much more cultural with Pablo on a tour to Sun Island or Moon Island. Let Pablo show you the very best of his birthplace: Sun Island.

“I am convinced that tourist activity is an excellent alternative to preserve archaeological sites, in addition to spreading the ancestral knowledge of our culture, we invite you to visit the sacred Island of the Sun and discover its history and mythology…we are waiting for you”

Andres, Isla del Sol boatman, Bolivia.

“I’m convinced of the greatness of our ancestor’s legacy can be shared and enjoyed in a unique way”

Abraham, Tour guide at La Paz, Bolivia.

Abraham has his origins in the Bolivian Yungas, studied Tourism in La Paz and since then he got involved in Tourism as a great chance to meet people from worldwide.

Omar, Tour guide in Bolivia.

“My thanks for deciding to visit my beautiful country, my greatest interest in addition to providing an unforgettable experience touring my country, is to transmit the cultural essence and make them part of a unique society. Which you are a brother, a true friend more than a tourist”.

Abel, our friendly driver in La Paz, Bolivia.

“Trabajo en turismo como conductor, lo emocionante de trabajar en el rubro es demostrar a los turistas las carreteras que unen los diferentes destinos turísicos en Bolivia atravesando por diferentes tipos de carreteras, pueblos, culturas, etc. llegando al destino con final sin inconvenientes y con responsabilidad”

Juan Carlos, our friendly driver in La Paz, Bolivia.

“La responsabilidad y la puntialidad por sobre todas cosas”


Edison, Kayak & Bike Tour guide in Puno, Lake Titicaca

“I love go kayaking to some of the most incredible places in Lake Titicaca and then after design a customized itinerary for you. Cycling is another passion I’ll share with you as your guide. Let’s adventure together and gain unique experiences.”

Henry and Valerio, our friendly boatmen in Lake Titicaca, Puno, Peru.

They were born on the Uros reed floating islands as men of the Lake, you’re in safe hands by trusting your navigation to different Islands on Lake Titicaca.

Lucho, our friendly driver, Puno, Peru.

“Peru has lots of places to visit. My job is safely take to your destination”

Alex, our friendly driver, Puno, Peru.

We’re lucky to count with a friendly and passionate team mate in Peru and Bolivia. Alex is one of them who is always available to do short or long distance transfer. Feel confident to talk to him in English.

Javier, our friendly driver, Puno, Peru.

Our good and reliable driver. He’ll be available at any time for your transfer.

Fredy, the guy responsible of the emails in Peru & Bolivia.

“While I’m the responsible of responding your emails, you’ll get prompt emails. I’m convinced your questions, concerns, doubts and quotation inquiries should be answered as soon as possible”

Sandro, Tour guide in Cusco, Peru.

“I love showing you the very best of our beloved country. Cusco is a must and it has lot of things to do from a free walking tour to cycling tours which I’ll share with you as your guide. Let’s adventure together and gain unique experiences.”

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