Cusco to Sacred Valley

Cusco to Sacred Valley

Tourist Ticket

Four Sacred Valley sites (Pisac, Chinchero, Moray, and Ollantaytambo) fall under Cusco´s Tourist Ticket scheme. The ticket´s 10-day validity lets you take in these four attractions as well, and is the only way to gain admission. An abbreviated ticket, valid for two days, also gains you admission to the four sites in the valley.

Travel from Cusco to Sacred Valley

On your Cusco to Sacred Valley you’ll follow the Urubamba River from the town of Pisac, about 30 km (18mi) northeast of Cusco at Ollantaytambo. Beyond that point, the cliffs flanking the river grow closer together, and the agriculturally rich floodplain thins to a gorge as the Urubamba begins its abrupt descent toward the Amazon basin.

To ride from Cusco to Sacred Valley, highways are good and traffic is relatively light in the Sacred Valley, buy any trip entails a series of twisting, turning roads as you head out of the mountains near Cusco and descend into the valley. 

Most people get here by way of an organized tour. However, you can grab one of PeruRail´s trains from Cusco to Ollantaytambo and then hire a taxi or collectivo to take you around the Valley. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi from Cusco ($60 - 70 USD), or take a bus ($2 - $3,50 USD). Buses depart daily from Av. Grau 525 in Cusco. The road to Machu Picchu ends is Ollantaytambo; beyond that point, it´s rail only.

A guide well-versed in the local area, Inca history and Peruvian culture will accompany you between the two points so that you can learn as you go. Arrive refreshed and ready to board.

If you travel from Cusco to Sacred Valley, we recommend you start your trip to Pisac town. Travelers throng to Pisac´s famous twice weekly market; this is one of Peru´s most touristy things to do, on Sunday, catch the colorful mass. Also, you must visit the Pisac ruins, a masterpiece of Inca engineering, centuries later the site is in remarkable condition, with masonry more precise than Machu Picchu's

Next parade for your tour in the Sacred Valley must be Chinchero, one of the valley´s major Inca cities, was the birthplace of the rainbow. Frequent sightings during the rainy season might convince you of the legend´s truth. Chinchero is one of the few sites in the Sacred Valley that´s higher (3,800 meters or 12,500 feet) than Cusco.

Yucay and Urubamba are two

Another sites you must visit when travel from Cusco to Sacred Valley are Moray, the ancestor of the modern experimental agricultural station. 

The Inca created varying environmental zones with their enormous circular terraces; and Salineras, a centuries-old terraced Inca salt pans that is still used today.

Finally, Ollantaytambo is one of the region´s loveliest towns, with its namesake ruins high above, marks the beginning of the Inca Trail and has a rail connection to Machu Picchu.

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