Isla del Sol Tour

Isla del Sol Tour

US$75 per person (2 up to 3)

US$ 145 for one person (private)

Isla del Sol Tour is a customized morning or afternoon guided boat trip from Copacabana to Southern Sun Island. You’ll visit Pilcocaina, the Inca’s garden and water Fountain. 

Best of all, according to your schedule, you can choose between daily morning and afternoon boat trip departures. Isla del Sol Tour is one of the most popular and best rated Things to do in Copacabana and Lake Titicaca Bolivia.

What you’ll do on Isla del Sol Tour (Overview)

Lake Titicaca Half-day Tour in Bolivia is flexible and customized private boat tour from Copacabana.

On your guided Isla del Sol Tour you’ll visit the birthplace of the Inca Empire, Pilcocaina Temple, the Garden of the Inca and the Water Fountain in Yumani community.

The boat departs from the main harbor of Copacabana to Sun Island. Most local boats are slow but the one you’ll be onboard is faster.

You’ll enjoy of the landscape views and get clue information of your local tour guide’s knowledge. Pablo was born in the Aymara speaking community of Isla del Sol. He’ll show you the very best of his legendary Island.

Now, let’s dive deep into morning and afternoon Isla del Sol Tour Itinerary, which is not an Isla del Sol Day Trip.

Itinerary of Isla del Sol Tour Morning

Isla del Sol Tour Morning itinerary is as it follows:

8:00 am Pablo will meet you up at your hotel in Copacabana town and walk down to the lakeshore for a few minutes.

You’ll be introduced to your boatman. Amadeus is taking you across the highest navigable lake of the world on the way to Sun Island, along the way you’ll enjoy of magnificent views.

9:30 am upon arrival to Southern tip of Isla del Sol (Pilcocaina), your guide will deliver all the information you need to know to understand the greatness of the origin of the Inca Empire.

Later, you’ll hike up through the ancient trail towards Yumani community. After a short time walking through a dusty trail, you’ll reach the old remains of the first Inca rulers. According to legend, the Island was known as Titicaca and was the birthplace of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, the children of the Sun God or Wiracocha.

You’ll visit ancient vestige along the way to Yumani community.

At Yumani community you’ll visit the Inca water spring, stone stairs and the Inca garden.

11:30 am following that you’ll walk down to the local port and embark on your private boat and head back to Copacabana through the same way.

1:00 pm arrival time at Copacabana town pier and that’s how your Isla del Sol Tour Morning ends.

If you are looking for a comfortable, flexible and overall fast transfer from Copacabana to Sun Island (from Sun Island to Copacabana), most likely for a homestay, then Alternative Route to Isla del Sol is what you need. What makes it different? Due most motor boats are slow this route will allow you get in short time by driving through the peninsula of Copacabana then embarking on a boat and arrive in less time.

Itinerary of Isla del Sol Tour Afternoon

Isla del Sol Tour Afternoon from Copacabana town is ideal if you are arriving by bus from La Paz (Bolivia) or from Puno (Peru).

1:30 am you’ll be picked up by our team mate (Pablo) from your hotel or bus station, then after walk down to the pier.

Are you only interested in just booking a boat ride from Copacabana to Isla del Sol without a tour guide? Then Isla del Sol Ferry is for you. Learn in this post all about the schedule of departures, navigation time, advantages and disadvantages of purchasing Isla del Sol Ferry ticket.

3:00 pm arrival at Sun Island local port, according to Incan legend it was the birthplace of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, the children of the Sun God or Inti Wiracocha, the founders of the Inca Empire.

You’ll explore the first Inca Temple ever built, Pilcocain or Temple of the Sun.

Then after your guided visit, you’ll hike to Yumani community through the ancient dirt trail, along the way you’ll appreciate the landscape, Bolivian snow peaks, and Taquile  Island far away in the Peruvian side.

At Yumani community you’ll visit the fountain of the eternal youth, the ancient stone stairs and the garden of the Incas.

4:15 pm following that, you’ll walk down to the local port and embark on your private boat and head back to Copacabana. If you think things can’t get any better, just before approaching Copacabana you’ll enjoy of a great view of the sun setting over the Lake.

5:30 pm arrival time to Copacabana tow and that’s how your Isla del Sol Tour Afternoon ends.


  • Local English speaking tour guide
  • Private motor boat to Isla del Sol
  • Entry tickets to Isla del Sol
  • Return to Copacabana


  • Car transfer from hotel to port
  • Extra expenses
  • Gratuities or tips (but really optional)
  • Copacabana to La Paz Bus Ticket

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For example: you would extend your experience by staying the night on Isla del Sol at local lodge and gain unique local living experience of the way of the life of the Aymara speaking community in Lake Titicaca Bolivia.

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