La Paz Cable Car Tour

La Paz Cable Car Tour

From US$ 40 per tour

La Paz Cable Car Tour allows you explore the sprawling city of La Paz, Bolivia on a guided tour that includes key areas from El Alto to the stylish South Zone.

La Paz Cable Car: lines, prices, tickets and schedules

We know, you have traveled an infinite number of times and when you return home you realize that you have failed to discover much of your destiny. That’s why it’s important to plan your trip and ask many questions to many peolpe. This time you travel to Bolivia, a magical destination with many charming places that you want to know.

La Paz Cable Car lines

For paceños all the cable car lines are very useful, as you can imagine. They are not few, and there are tastes for all colors, never better said. There is red, yellow, green, blue, orange and purple. The rainbow has ended, but the lines of La Paz Cable Car continue light blue, white, coffee and silver. Now it is.

For you who are going to travel and may not have time to know all the routes, we have thought of three lines: red, blue, and yellow. Does this mean that the rest of the lines of La Paz Cable Car are left out? No, it means that first, we introduce you to the red, blue, and yellow lines:

Red cable car

In our view, the red line of La Paz Cable Car is the most spectacular. It passes over the enormous General Cemetery of La Paz, crosses the colorful neighborhood of Chualluma and climbs up to El Alto to cross it. If it’s Thursday or Sunday, you’ll enjoy the views of El Alto’s giant market.

You will also be interested to know that the red cable car brings you closer to the Witches Market where different legends make your hair stand on end. Even closer you get with the purple and light blue lines.

Yellow cable car

The yellow line of La Paz Cable Car is very interesting and smells good. This line allows you to know Sopocachi neighborhood, where the best restaurants to eat in La Paz are located. On the way, you can also enjoy a good view of the mountains. 

Sounds good? Tastes better!

Blue cable car

To be honest, the blue line is not the most popular, you won’t even have access with the complete ticket and you will have to buy a separate one (don’t panic because it costs is 3 bolivianos). Then why do we propose it? It crosses El Alto and in its way you will enjoy its most typical and picturesque buildings, the Cholets.

Although it’s true that the Villa Adela Cholets are the most beautiful and photographed, the blue line of La Paz Cable Car is a cheap and effective option to get to know these famous buildings

Other lines

Once you’ve seen the main lines of La Paz Cable Car, it’s time for us to introduce you to the others:

  • Green line. It goes all over Alto Obrajes, the south of the city. With this line you can see the Esperanza Bridge, the hopegreen color bridge.
  • Orange line. It shares stations with the red and white line. Don’t miss the visit to the Calama market.
  • White line. It is an intense line that takes you to visit the Villaroel and Triangular Square and the Busch Monument. A complete visit!
  • Light blue line. Besides visiting The Witches Market in La Paz, as we have already said, you can walk along Poeta Avenue, it is a good plan!
  • Purple line. The purple line connects La Paz and El Alto perpendicularly. As if that wasn’t enough, it brings you closer to La Paz Witches Market, it’s worth it!
  • Coffee line. It is short and as it connects to the white line it also brings you closer to the Busch Monument.
  • Silver line. This line borders El Alto, it follows the blue line.

La Paz Cable Car schedule

  • Monday to Friday from 06:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday from 07:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.

Prices and tickets

  • The single ticket costs 3 bolivianos (40 euro cents). With this ticket you can travel on a full line but you cannot travel on the others.
  • The ticket for two or more lines costs 5 bolivianos (60 euro cents). This ticket is useful if your intention is to link a line two or more lines.
  • The circular tour ticket costs 11 bolivianos (1 euro and 35 cents). This is undoubtedly the best option because it allows you to use 6 of all its lines (orange, red, silver, yellow, light blue and white). We don’t need to tell you that the trip ends at the same point where it starts, so it’s circular.

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