Lake Titicaca Tours

Best half-day, full-day, or overnight stay tour options to visit the most fascinating indigenous groups in Lake Titicaca on a guided boat trip from Puno.

In the Northern High Plateau is located the world's highest navigable Lake: the Titicaca.

This lake has a rich history, culture, tradition and great Island attractions as well.

Visit the best of Lake Titicaca by joining our affordable or pricey Lake Titicaca Tours.

In this post we'll offer you 16 different Tour options (same quantity as FindLocalTrips) which will take you with the friendly islanders of Lake Titicaca living very much the same as their ancestors did centuries ago.

Uros Floating Islands Tour

Lake Titicaca Bird watching Tours

Aramu Muru Doorway Tour

Juliaca Airport Transfers & Sillustani Tour