Llachon Kayak

Llachon Kayak

Price: $ 155.00 for 1 person (private)

$ 210.00 for 2 people

$ 270.00 for 3 people

Llachon Kayak is one amazingly exclusive and authentic day tour from Puno to Lake Titicaca.

Puno to Lake Titicaca.jpg

Kayak Trip Overview

On Llachon Kayak Tour you get to Uros Titino reed floating Islands by a motor boat from Puno, after that visit and reed boat ride we'll be kayaking to Llachon Capachica peninsula for about 2 hours without being rushed. On arrival walk up to the family house for lunch. In the afternoon return by boat to Puno.

Activity level: moderate (beginners/experienced)

Distance paddling: 10 km (only one way)

Kayak Tour Route: From Uros Titino to Llachon community

Hotel Pick-up Time: 7:00 am

Drop off time by hotels: 5:00 pm

Sort of Kayaks: singles or two-person kayaks

Kayak Frequency: Daily departures

Why Llachon Kayak?

At Andean Ways we still believe in authenticity, we think there is still genuine ways of life out there in Lake Titicaca to rediscover to live and share, and that's why Llachon Kayak is more than just kayaking and paddling across the open Lake and along the shoreline of Llachon Capachica peninsula.

We have created Llachon Kayak as a full-day fully guided kayaking and cultural experience combo tour for your total enjoyment.

Llachon Kayak was designed for people that really love to experience true local tradition, cultural exchange encounter and be part of how exactly is the daily basis life of one of the most incredible Islanders on the highest navigable Lake of the world: Uros Titino ethnic group.

Uros Titino cultural experience.jpg

Compared to the Uros Islanders that live near to Puno city (6km away) Uros Titino population has built their islands near to Capachica peninsula and live in an authentic way. See more differences by reading our Uros Islands Kayak Adventure Half Day Group Tour 

Now, let's learn how kayaking to Llachon works:

Kayaking from Uros Titino Islands to Llachon community step by step itinerary

So here comes a few pictures that shows off a taste of the Uros Titino family encounter, reed boat ride, kayaking, Llachon family meeting, among other things in detail, Llachon Kayak Tour offers to you.

7:00 am

Hotel to Puno port.jpg

Hotel/Port land transfer

At Andean Ways we provide transportation to the boat departure location. You don't come down on your own way to the port, just be ready at your hotel that one of our drivers will pick you up.

7:15 am

Llachon kayak guide.jpg

Meet your Llachon kayak guide and boat captain

After a quick land transfer you'll meet Edison our Llachon Titicaca kayak guide, waiting for you at the dock. Then he's immediately introducing you to Valerio our boat captain.

Valerio Andean Ways boat captain.jpg

Then after you onboard Expreso Rumi, our company's motor boat, you'll be navigating safely accompanied by two friendly staffs.

On Llachon Kayak you'll be firstly visiting the Uros Titino community's reed floating Islands and that's why after you onboard our Expreso Rumi boat we're navigating for about 1 hour.

8:30 am

Uros Titino Islands.jpg

Arrival to Uros Titino Islands

Upon arrival to Uros Titino Island, you'll be greeted by Uros Titino families in their Aymara local dialect "Kamisaraki!".

Uros Titino Kamisaraki.jpg

So, on your kayaking tour you will meet Aymara and Quechua speaking Andean people of Uros Titino and Llachon communities.

8:45 am

Uros Titino reed boat ride.jpg

Uros Titino daily basis activities and reed boat ride 

What follows is a unique cultural exchange with this local friendly people teaching us how they get the reeds from the Lake for their homes, how they go fishing.

Learn their origin and history closely of how this Uros Ethnic group lived for centuries in the world's highest navigable Lake as well.

10:00 am

Uros Titino Llachon kayak.jpg

Kayak adventure begins

After this magnificent encounter experience we're heading by kayaks to Llachon capachica peninsula.

An estimated time of 2 hours paddling is spent while we enjoy its gorgeous views and scenic landscapes.

Uros Titino landscape.jpg

Then after a cultural exchange and getting in your kayak, adventure begins. You'll be paddling from Uros Titino Islands to Llachon Capachica peninsula for about 2 hours without being rushed.

We also run kayak trips starting from Llachon tip to Taquile Island: 1 day Taquile

Kayak crossing from Llachon + Uros paddle. On the way paddle from Puno to Uros, then from Llachon to Taquile Island covering about 15 km in total, have lunch in Taquile.

12:30 pm

Llachon community shoreline.jpg

On arrival to Llachon community in the Quechua speaking Capachica peninsula a local family welcomes and invites us to have lunch at their home.

1:00 pm

Llachon restaurant lunch.jpg

Llachon lunch time

Lunch is overlooking the immense Lake and surroundings. A tasty locally chicken or trout is served with Quinua soup.

2:00 pm

Llachon textiles.jpg

Llachon Typical textiles and traditions

The family at Llachon is going to show us their handicrafts and art textile. Most of the families have kept some ancient techniques for washing, knitting, and weaving alpaca wool.

5:00 pm

Llachon boat return.jpg

Then after you finally go back to Puno by boat. Upon arrival to the port you are transferred to your hotel in Puno city.

Included at no additional charge

Here comes what you get when booking with us:

  • Land transfer from Puno hotels to port.
  • Private boat ride from Puno to Uros Titino Islands.
  • English speaking kayak instructor guide.
  • Entrance fees to Uros and Llachon community.
  • Reed boat ride at Uros Titino Islands.
  • Single or double tandem seater equipped kayaks to choose.
  • Lunch at Llachon community.
  • Last final paddle from Uros to Puno (3km optional).
  • Car transfer upon arrival to Puno port.

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