Luquina Kayak Adventure + Uros paddle

Luquina Kayak Adventure + Uros paddle

US$ 290 for a solo paddler (private)

US$ 162 per person (min 2 people)

Out of the “Gringo Trail” + lunch included. We’re departing toward Uros Islands by kayak then navigate by boat to Chucuito peninsula. At Luquina local port get in our kayaks again and paddle to “Arco Punku” Soil Arch (Karina community)

We’ll keep you paddling well off the “Gringo Trail” and meet local Aymara family at Luquina at the lunch time.

Then finally, visit Uros Islands and paddle to Puno to enjoy a scenic sunset over the hills.

Luquina kayak + Uros paddle Features

Activity level: Moderate

Paddling Distance: 16 km +

Tour Route: Puno/Uros/Luquina/Arco Punku/Luquina/Uros/Puno

Hotel Pick-Up Time: 7:00 am.

Drop-Off By Hotels: 5:00 pm.

Kayak Frequency: Daily

Where you’ll begin kayaking

Kayak through the reeds from Puno to Uros (Lake Titicaca National Reserve).

Navigate by boat to Luquina shoreline where from we’re paddling again towards Arco Punku surrounded with such beautiful places, crystal, clear and pure water (open lake).

Where you’ll have lunch

After we’ve done a round-trip paddling from Luquina to Arco Punku to Luquina we’ll walk to Albano’s Restaurant or other similar in Luquina.

Guest reviews (on TripAdvisor)

Before you go read what our client has commented about this kayak tour at Luquina and Uros Islands.

Annika M

Amazing kayak experience!

I had the best time with Andean Ways! I booked a private tour in their agency in the centre of Puno for the next morning and it was no problem at all. The girl working there was really friendly and explained everything to me. The next morning I was picked up on time and we drove down to the harbour. It was raining a little and the guide was well prepared with spray skirts and even an extra rain jacket for me in case I had not brought one. The kayaks were quite new and in perfect condition. Since I already had kayaking experience we spent the noon exploring the lake and on return, we visited one of the Uros islands. There were hardly any tourists and we got to talk to the family who lived there. Edison, the guide, was very attentive and eager to share his knowledge about the area, the lake and the Uros by answering any questions I had or explaining things we saw on the way. All in all, I could not have imagined a better experience. It was fun, adventurous and I learned a lot of things about the lake! Most importantly, it was not as touristy as e.g. the typical lake tour I had done the day before as we went to an island on the northern side of the Uros with less day tourists. This was exactly what I had hoped for! Thank you for an amazing day!

Tour Overview

  • 7:00 am Pick-up and transfer from your hotel to Esteves Island port (15 min)
  • 7.20 am Kayak departure to Uros.
  • 8:15 am Motor boat departure to Luquina after up loading the kayaks.
  • 9.45 am Arrival to Karina community port.
  • 10:15 am Beginning of the kayak exploration.
  • 10.45 am we’ll get to Arco Punku a beautiful and strange soil formation.
  • 11.30 am we’ll arrive to the same local port at Karina community coastline enjoying the view to Taquile and Amantani islands.
  • 11.45 am Arrival by boat (or kayak) to Albano's port.
  • 12.00 pm Lunch at Albano's house.
  • 1.30 pm Time to return by motor boat to Uros islands.
  • 3.00 pm we’re going to visit one Reed Island.
  • 3:45 pm once we've explored Uros islands we can decide to continue paddling to Puno port (+ 45 min more to Kalapajra pier) or get back to Puno port by motor boat.
  • 4:15 pm Arrival to Puno harbor if we take the motor boat.
  • 4:45 pm Arrival timee by kayaks to Kalapajra pier, if we return paddling. We'll have unique sunset views opportunities.
  • 5.00 pm Pick-up from Kalap and land transfer to your downtown hotel.

What you’ll do (Tour Description)

Luquina is home of the ancestral Aymara speaking community, lucky people living in this unique nature wonder.

Lucho comes for you at your hotel for the transfer. The pick-up time suggested is at 7:00 am, you'll have enough time for breakfast.

Kalapajra pier port is the chosen departure point. It is located only 15 min away  from downtown hotels. Here at the port, on your arrival you’ll see that your kayak will be ready to get in.

Paddle to Uros for 45 minutes. Enjoy the unique landscape. Learn some Aymara words on the way.

Kayak to Uros.jpg

After 45 min kayaking, we get to Uros Islands; its gorgeous beauty is terrific. Keep paddling for some 10 min to the Adventist Island, here our motor boat waits for us. 

Another 15 min is needed to upload the kayaks on top of the boat and leave Uros for Luquina.

On the way to peninsula of Chucuito we'll be able to appreciate unique high Plateau landscapes. Once the motor boat has arrived at Luquina coastline, which is at Karina community pier, your guide is setting up the kayak and the kayak equipment.

The private guide is going to provide the safety briefing and kayak paddling lessons when you are a beginner kayaker (remember previous kayak skills are not required).

You’re going to paddle and explore the Chucuito peninsula shores for around 2 hours round-trip while paddling you appreciate Taquile and Amantani Island far away; if you enjoy kayaking then it is worth doing.

Kayak at Arco Punku Luquina.jpg

When kayak paddling finishes you navigate to Albano’s port by boat and walk up toward his restaurant for a local homemade lunch (mostly based on Quinoa soup and grilled chicken or trout as a main dish).

Lunch at Luquina local house.jpg

Vegetarian food can be prepared upon request.

After this local encounter we'll be heading back to Uros Islands to learn how to build them, so we'll enjoy better how this population still keep their ancient way of living on self-fashioned reed homes then we are going to enter again in our kayaks and cross among the reeds to Puno.

Final paddle at Uros Islands.jpg

Or take the motor boat and back to Puno port just in 25 minutes. After a combined day tour on Lake Titicaca, Luquina kayak, Uros kayak exploring and great memories this service ends in the late afternoon.

You’re transferred to your hotel.

What to bring

  • Sun protection
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat/Cap
  • Long sleeve T-shirt
  • Warm Jacket
  • Snacks

What’s included (what we provide)

  • Private transfer from your Puno hotel to Esteves island port.
  • Guided kayak trip to Uros.
  • Motor boat transportation o Karina shoreline and Luquina (regular and slow boat).
  • High quality single sea kayaks or double tandem kayak with pedal rudders.
  • Kayak gear/equipment.
  • Entrance fees to Luquina and Uros islands.
  • English speaking kayak tour guide.
  • Lunch at Albano's homestay house at Luquina.
  • Equipped kayaks from Uros to Puno
  • Private mobility and land transfer to hotel on arrival to Puno port

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