Puno to Isla del Sol

Puno to Isla del Sol

US$ 245 per transfer (1 up to 4 people)

Puno to Isla del Sol is a private land and water transfer from Peru to Bolivia. At Kasani border, you’ll meet up with the Bolivian driver and head to Copacabana for the private boat.

The Isla del Sol is located in the middle of Lake Titicaca (Bolivia side), crossing Lake Titicaca from Peru to Bolivia could be pricey and a 5 hours of navigation (if good weather permitting).

The best way to access the Isla del Sol is via Copacabana from Puno, Peru or from La Paz, Bolivia.

There are two ways to get from Puno to Copacabana then to Isla del Sol:

1. Using a shared bus and local ferries, the regular bus departs from Puno to Copacabana at 7:00 am and the Isla del Sol Ferry at 1:30 pm from Copacabana.

2. using our Puno to Isla del Sol hassle-free private transfer.

Now, take a closer look at the advantages of booking a private transfer.

The PRO of Booking “Puno to Isla del Sol”

  •  Puno to Isla del Sol offers a fully flexible departure time from Puno, Peru to Copacabana and faster than any other options. The latest time you could depart is until 12:30 pm. Your extra money will worth it.
  • All type of vehicles we provide are safe, clean, comfortable and spacious with enough rooms for your luggage.
  • You’ll be transferred with optional stops at the main attractions in Peru, on your way to Kasani border, in almost 3 hours.
  • Peru to Bolivia hand held border crossing and assistance at Bolivian immigration office is guaranteed.
  • On arrival to Copacabana port, you’ll onboard a private boat and traverse the vastness of Lake Titicaca.

All you will need to think about is just to enjoy your ride between Peru and Bolivia, the rest leave to us.

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Puno to Isla del Sol Schedules of Departures and Arrivals Times

Puno to Kasani borderline

After the requested pick-up time from your hotel in Puno city our driver will take you to Kasani border in about 2hr 25 min.

On the way three photo and sightseeing stops are offered to fresh and make the car ride more enjoyable.

Chucuito Temple of Fertility

Your driver will take you to Chucuito in about 20 minutes, along the western bank of Lake Titicaca. Upon arrival, just pay your entry ticket (PEN 8 per person) and take a look inside the Inca Temple of Fertility ever built before.

Aramu Muru Doorway

It’s located 1 hr drive away from Chucuito. You’ll see and marvel the low relieve stone carving and strange huge portal facing to east. Entrance fee should be paid in person at the site (PEN 5 per person)

Aramu Muru Portal is a rock that had been smoothed to a flat surface and adorned with a small alcove.

The flat stone is roughly 23-feet square, with a T-shaped alcove some 6 feet, 6 inches tall carved into it. The most likely explanation is that it was an abandoned Incan construction project.

Locals are said to call the doorway the “Puerta de Hayu Marca,” or “Gate of the Gods,” and local legends apparently speak of people disappearing through the doorway as well as of strange sights, such as “tall men accompanied by glowing balls of lights walking through the doorway.”

Pomata Lookout

The third stop is at Pomata lookout. This is the high pass between Puno and Kasani ideal to admire how huge is the Lake and the magnificent views to the Island of the Sun and snow peaks.

Kasani: Peru Bolivia border crossing

On arrival to Kasani borderline, the vehicle will stop at the "Casa de Cambio" where you could exchange your Peruvian soles into Bolivian pesos.

Just in front is the immigration office where you have to get on your passport the exit stamp (mandatory to enter to Bolivia).

We'll use two different vehicles on this Puno to Copacabana Private Transfer. Here is where you meet up with your new driver. So, our Bolivian driver (Denis or Carlos) meets you in the Peruvian side and then assists you when crossing into Bolivia.

Kasani to Copacabana

Once you've crossed the stone arch you're in Bolivian territory. On your left hand side is the Bolivian immigration office. Here, you'll be required to show all your documentations needed according to your nationality and check out, if your nationality requires getting the Bolivia Tourist Visa.

From Kasani to Copacabana we'll be using an auto (with enough room for your luggage).

It's only 15 min from Kasani to Copacabana, on arrival you’ll be dropped off at the port.

Copacabana to Isla del Sol

Your boatman, Amadeus, will be waiting for your Copacabana to Isla del Sol boat ride at the main harbor. The boat navigation across the blue horizon will take about 1 hr 15 minutes in average. Upon arrival, you’ll be shown which lodge you’re staying in.

What to bring to Isla del Sol

  • Trainers / comfortable shoes for those planning on doing the hike (45-60mins walk).
  • It can get chilly on the boat so it is recommended to bring a wind jacket or jumper if necessary against wind/spray.
  • Warm layers are required at night.
  • It can be very sunny so do not forget your sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen.
  • Bring enough money with you should you wish to stay overnight as there are no ATMs on the whole island.
  • There are lots of choices for accommodation on the island which vary in price and luxury. The majority are basic lodging that the local families have built as extensions to their family homes. The higher you go up in the village of Yumani the better the views, so it is worth the extra leg work.


  • Private vehicle from Puno to Kasani border.
  • Private auto from Kasani to Copacabana.
  • Private boat ride from Copacabana to Isla del Sol


  • Homestay lodge in Isla del Sol
  • Entry ticket to Isla del Sol (BOB 10 per person)
  • Boat return from Isla del Sol to Copacabana.

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How to book

  1. Pay just US$45 in advance through PayPal to secure your transport
  2. And the remaining balance (US$200) will be paid upon arrival at Kasani border.

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