Lake Titicaca 2 Day Tour + Kayak to Uros, Llachon, Amantani & Taquile 

Private or Quality small group Puno Kayak Tour out of the Tourist Map, where you'll definitely immerse in Amantani culture and get glimpse of their way of life.

We're kayaking from Puno to Uros Islands, then navigate to Llachon by motor boat.

At Llachon, kayak adventure continues on to Amantani Island by paddling, on arrival have lunch at local Amantani community lodging.

The first day during our stay on Amantani we'll also walk up to the Temple of Pachatata.

The next day, after an early breakfast, we'll go by kayaks from Amantani to Taquile Island.

Our lunch is in Taquile Island and then return to Puno by motor boat.

Get off the beaten path: Amantani Homestay and Titicaca Kayak

paddling to Uros from Puno

In the Andes, Lake Titicaca is the best outlet for such urges, so leave the city behind and go on this long distance kayaking trip to connect with yourself, become one with nature and learn more about the way Andean people live.

On this multi day kayak tour we’re going to visit places such as Uros islands, Llachon, Amantani and the Island of Taquile.

The Pros (good news)

If you don't want to paddle only 4 km to Uros Islands (and it's just one way kayaning!) and then travel by boat to Amantani and Taquile Islands, so Amantani Kayak it's a perfect long distance kayaking Trip.

Kayak at Amantani, this very same kayak tour, is operated as quality small group kayak adventure. It means other kayakers can join us for our confirmed departures and save some little money, if there is departure confirmed!

At Andean Ways, we love to designe all our Titicaca multi-day kayaking Trip and Expeditions out of the  touristy ways and instead we’re going to drive you visiting the most remote and impressive places and Islands on Lake Titicaca.

At Lake Titicaca Kayak Tour Company we're going to offer you to redesign or adjust this itinerary at any time, before departure and when running the tour.

The Cons (bad news)

As this kayak tour is a long distance paddling, you need to be in good physical conditions.

Kayaking at 38810 masl can be difficult and exhausting. It's challenging but in the end it's worth it.

Amantani Kayak and Homestay is a private tour and it is quite pricey; but instead you'll have a personal English speaking guide, the boatman, one family lodge to host us far away from the crowds (as much as possible we can).

Now, it's time to know more about kayak at Amantani.

2 Day Amantani Homestay + Titicaca Kayak Adventures

Expedition Kayak Tour from Puno and Overnight at family lodge on Amantani Island.

Llachon's sun-soaked coastline offers some of Lake Titicaca's most incredible paddling opportunities.

Putting in for 2 days provides shake off the normalcy of everyday life and add to the feeling of a trip’s adventure.

On this Adventure Kayak you can simply go further and see more than you could with a "boring and tedious" boat group tour in a single day.

On Amantani kayak you'll gain better and deep scenic views of the Bay of Puno and the Open/Greater Lake. You'll meet friendy local people on Amantani.

PRICING: $425 USD 1 person
$495 USD 2 people

Kayak at Amantani Island

Just in front of us stands Amantani Island, we're paddling on the vastness water of Lake Titicaca.

Our Amantani Titicaca 2 Day kayak begins from your hotel in Puno city with the pickup and kayaking to Uros islands, the first day.

This very first day we'll also stir our kayaks from Llachon to Amantani Island after we've navigated to there by motor boat.

The next day we’ll kayak from Amantani to Taquile Island. Simply amazing.

Finally, after lunch in Taquile; return by boat to Puno.

Typically, sea kayakers dream of calm waters and soft tail winds but on Lake Titicaca you'll have both.

Amantani Kayak Tour Features:

DAY 1: Kayak from Puno to Uros and from Llachon to Amantani

Hotel pickup time: 6:50 am

Paddling Time from Puno to Uros: 1 hour

Paddling distance to Uros: 4 km

Motor boat navigation: 2 hours from Uros to Llachon

Paddling Time from Llachon to Amantani: 3 hours

Paddling distance to Amantani: 10 km

Lunch place:  At local family house, Amantani Island (1:00 pm)

Overnight: At local family house, at Amantani Island.


DAY 2: Kayak from Amantani to Taquile Island

Kayak departure: 8:00 am from Amantani

Paddling duration: 3 hours (approx. since it begins until we get to Taquile)

Paddling distance to Taquile: 12 km

Arrival Time to Puno: 4:50 pm

Here you will know about the departure time by kayak and by motor boat.

Schedule of Departure and Arrival Times

DAY 1: Kayak from Bay of Puno to Uros Islands, from Llachon to Amantani

DAY 2: Kayak from Amantani Island to Taquile


Day 1: Kayak from Puno to Uros, then from Llachon to Amantani

This day will be unique and tailor-made vacation out there on Lake Titicaca, paddling, meeting new people, watching the beauty of the surroundings.

This first day begins with the visit of Uros Islands.

Kayak to Uros Islands

Early pickup from your Puno hotel and go on to Uros by kayak  and then to Llachon by motor boat, our kayaks will also travel with us loaded on the roof.

Roberto or Isidro usually picks up our passengers, so you don't have to worry about how to get to kayak departure point. Just be ready at 6:50 am.

Here, after 15 min of drive and a safety briefing we receive the appropriate safety equipment and embark on our 0ne hour kayaking adventure to Uros reed islands.

We'll be exploring the Uros islands on arrival.

There are more than 80 floating islands, it's possible to step on one of those islands.

The guide explains about its building.

Llachon Kayak to Amantani

After 1 hour of visit to Uros we're finally leaving Uros islands to Llachon at 9:00 am by motor boat, the kayaks are loaded on the roof.

After 2 hours navigating to Llachon we’ll reach our embarkation point.

We will start the second part of kayaking hugging the shoreline along the Capachica Peninsula until we reach the tip from where we'll see the next island: Amantani.

Today we're paddling across the open water and past small rocky places over to Amantani Island.

Amantani Homestay Tour

This adventure kayak takes about 3 hours, then on arrival to Amantani Island we'll be disembarking on its southern tip (Occosuyo community) and start hiking along the island to our family host house, beautiful ambiance.

Visit the village and in the afternoon settle into our rural lodge for dinner and overnight.

Beautiful views of the surrounding lake-shore including the Cordillera Real on the Bolivian side of the lake.

Day 2: Kayak from Amantani Island to Taquile

Taquile Island is our destination this second day.

It is located 36 km away from Puno city, and 12 km from Amantani Island which will be reched by kayaks in our case.

Sun is rising while we're getting ready to paddle toward Taquile Island.

Today we'll proceed to explore the Island of Taquile.

Our host famlily we'll tell us  Adios (Goodbye). We'll enter in our kayaks and begin paddling to our last destination: Taquile.

It is located 12 km approx from Amantani, this mean we're spending at least 3 hours paddling with breaks.

Taquile Island

When we arrive to Taquile, Alsuno Port, we're walking up to the restaurant where we'll be explained by the guide about their art textile.

People still keep their ancient traditions: weaving and knitting.

We'll learn how married and single people wear.

Lunch is based on Trout and Quinoa Soup.

This visit will take al least 3 hours since we arrive until we leave the Island to get back to Puno city by motor boat.

When we are already at Uros Islands as a last option you can decide to paddle one more time at Uros reed islands.

At the end of the day we’ll back by boat to Esteves Island and you’ll get transferred to your hotel by our driver.

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