La Paz Private Transport from Puno

Travel to La Paz from Puno is much better with guided visits along the route; it will be a trip of a lifetime. Do it with us! Let us show you what we have for you!


  • Full-Day Private Tour Transport leaves Puno at 7:00 hrs. for La Paz with stops along the way on the Peruvian side and drop off by Hotels in the end of the day.
  • En route to La Paz (Bolivia) guided visits to the Temple of Fertility in Chucuito, a mystical experience at Aramu Muru Doorway, stop at Colonial churches in Juli or Pomata towns on the Peruvian side of the Lake Titicaca.
  • Peruvian-Bolivian border crossing at Desaguadero.
  • Before continuing to La Paz stop at Tiwanaku archaeological site on the Bolivian side. On arrival meet the guide at Taypi Uta restaurant, relax and have lunch. Then, guide leads you for the tour of Akapana pyramid, sunken temple, Kalasasaya temple, the Door of the Sun, museums and Puma Punku.
  • Transfer to La Paz.

Complete Itinerary

Depart Puno early in the morning, seeing spectacular scenery as you go through a series of interesting villages on the lake’s south shore and the Andean plains to Tiwanaku on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca.

En route, your journey begins with an introductory explanation of Tiwanaku culture, Aymara Kingdoms, Inca arrival and Spaniards invading chronology.

Visit firstly the Inca Uyo, located in the historical village of Chucuito, with its elaborate stonework supposedly an Incan “temple of fertility” ever discovered. Once was capital of the Lupacan reign, sons of the Sun, one of the Aymara Kingdoms. The Aymara was their mother language that dates back from before the Incan times, fortunately until nowadays it´s still widely spoken among the natives of this region.

Then, arrive at the Portal of Aramu Muru, a portal sculpted into the ancient landscapes by a mysterious lost humanity. Time permitting, learn more about local legends while you get closer at the portal and feel the energy that emanates.

Your trip continues on with a visit of the colonial Jesuit heritage in Juli village, little Rome of South America, admire its standing Baroque style Jesuit churches, and know more about local festivities.

Then drive to Pomata´s viewpoint, a lovely place to spend some minutes for a great picture over the world’s highest navigable lake backed by the snowcapped peaks of Bolivia’s Cordillera Real range. This morning also, learn more about the Aymara Culture on your Dominican Colonial church tour and gain a better understanding of their lives in Pomata village.

Non-stop driving to Desaguadero borderline, passports must be presented and stamped at the both Peruvian-Bolivian sides of the migration offices. You’ll switch and take other mobility once you´ve made your border crossing. From here, just a 35-minutes driving to Tiwanaku is required.

Upon arrival at the site, visit Taypi Uta restaurant, relax and have tasty local lunch. Here also you meet your guide for later guided tour of the Akapana pyramid, Semi-Subterranean temple, Kalasasaya temple, the imposing Door of the Sun and museums.

Following that, you might continue with some pottery lessons (optional), where an expert Tiwanaku descendant artisan will guide you as you create your very own Andean ceramic pieces that you would take home with you or shopping opportunities at a local market.

This tour ends with a last exploring of Puma Punku ruins at your own pace, on the way go to La Paz. Transfer to your selected hotel upon arrival in La Paz.